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Corpse Bride drawings by Poppy Luard.

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wow look who is here

Paying a visit to my old rp blog(sigh all these memories and old friends ;__;) to tell you that you should all check out THE FAIRE FOLK RP which I am a member of at the moment.

It’s a very active para style roleplay with lots of great characters and a great plot, set in a fantasy universe. Most characters are fairies, but one can also roleplay as human. OC’s are accepted. It has great events all the time and everyone is very passionate about the roleplay.
I’d just really like to see some of my old rp partners there! It’d be great!
- Anna

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                                  ♔ ℳy little ℱollow-ℱorever 
                                      ℱollow this awersome folk;
                                          y precious fireflies;

 Her Cold Highness, the Queen of Arendelle - Elsa 
                    ♕ Little cold snowman with a warm loving heart - Olaf 
                          ♕ The charming primrose of Arendelle - Anna 
          ♕ The Master of Fright and the King of Halloween - Jack Skellington 
                              ♕ Lovely girl from a winter dream - Kim 
                         A talented musician from Victorian tale - Victor 
                            A mysterious witchy woman - Madam Mim 
                        Imagination as strong as witchcraft - Alice Liddell 
                          ♕ Her heart shines through the night - Cinderella 
                     { This girl has only registered at Tumblr, she’s knew at roleplaying,
                                       but she’s entirely magical; please, support her }
                                ♕ The daughter of the seas - Syrena 
                           ♕ The bringer of winter and fun - Jack Frost 
                                ♕ A criminal mind of the century - Gru 

                                     ♥  I love you all very much, starlets 
                                    ♥ You adorn the darkness of my sky 


// OMGOOOOOOOOD! Iness what!?? ARE YOU KEEPING SECRETS FROM ME? OMG THIS IS SO ADORABLE YOUU ARE SO ADORABLE I LOVE YOU! LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE! ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS! And look Victor is right beside one of his best friends, Kim ;___; THANK YOUUU! I am literally a bit dead right now.


Winona Ryder’s alphabet: Q -> Quotes

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Corpse Bride Concept Art, 1995-2004

❖✬ • ♛ ℋappy ℬirthday, Anna ♛ • ✬❖



                     ❝ Today it is your birthday and we sing to let you know,
                                                That you will be queen for the day,
                                                           Whatever you say goes!  

                              ℋappy ℬirthday, мy sweet darling.
ime passes by carefully, but fastly. And now from a little pristine plant you are                             blooming into a belle rose. So beautiful, so charming, so young…

    What can be my birthday wishes for you? It seems like you’ve already inhered the                                   goodliness of the stars and imagination of the rainbow.
          My dear, once the whole universe desired to make a lovely being like you.
      From stardust and timelessness of galaxies all these tiny fractals created your                                     wonderful eyes, your beautiful hair and your tender skin.
      You are the closest manifestation of divine power and one of my closest friends.
                 Even when the moon and the sun will stop their daily racing, remember,
          your glow will never fade. You are a little wonder, a strong and glorious child                                             begotten from the kiss of the whole universe…

          y wishes for you will be the simplest ones, however, as sincere as can be.
    wish you strength and patience, luck and inspiration, friendship and love, health                                     and wealth… and lots and lots enchanted fairytales! 

You are sooo sweet omg I LOVE YOU COME HERE! 
I was SO SURPRISED THIS IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE OMG(please stop me from saying omg… no don’t because this deserves all the omg’s) At first I was like is this for me and then “Yes it is! OMG” and then “no really is it?? YES IT IS OMG OMG OMG”
You are a true writer, my friend, and yes indeed - a true friend as well! AAAA Thank you!!!! Sooo beautiful!! I will cherish this! I had such a tiring day and I’m so tired and weak, but now seeing this I feel so strong and motivated ;w; again.. THANK YOU Ah my heart


While trying to draw corpse bride genderbends, I learned that Victor van dort is a very ugly girl.

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the quotes i found on a post on tumblr were really nice so i can’t help but make an illustration about it! it’s 3am what am i doing up drawing corpse bride shit ugh

if you listen carefully though, you’ll hear him on the second panel screaming “Victoriaaaa!”

OMG I loove this hahah

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has anyone ever noticed that clara


looks a lot like the girl from corpse bride



Corpse Bride

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